Bulk fiber in bag: Bulksupplements Pure Psyllium Husk Powder (500 grams)

Not all dietary supplements taste great. Some of them are masked with aspartame sweeteners and some are almost tasteless. The Bulksupplements husk powder is not either of those. Users almost unanimously agree that it is not the most pleasant of tastes and the clumping is almost instant, so even mixing it with a smoothie or juice needs to be very well planned and downed instantaneously. But if it is so bad, why do users keep coming back to Bulksupplements Pure Psyllium Husk Powder? Because it works! It helps to maintain and lower cholesterol, it keeps users regular and it is psyllium husk powder in its purest form, meaning no added chemicals or additives.


There is a known issue with the way the “zipper” on the bag works, since the zipper lock is not sealed during shipping, but rather the top of the bag is commercially sealed. Once you open the bag and want to reseal it, most people have trouble since some of the husk powder might have ended up in the zipper tracks during shipping. A good tip to solve this is to use a toothpick, earbud or other sharp object just to clear the tracks of any powder obstructing it. This should solve the worst of it.


What the manufacturer says about Bulksupplements Pure Psyllium Husk Powder:

Clean & pure powder

Lab tested for verification & guaranteed purity

Regulates digestive health

Effective laxative

Helps maintain lower cholesterol


The numbers:

17.6 – The number of ounces in the 500-gram packet of this dietary fiber.
5 – The serving size in grams for Bulksupplements Husk powder.
7 – Number of sizes Bulksupplements Husk powder is available in. (Includes capsules)
8 – Recommended ounces of water to mix each serving in.




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What people are saying about Bulksupplements Pure Psyllium Husk Powder:

  • Purchased this product as a means to increase my fiber intake, it blends well with my protein shake (masks the flavor and texture).
  • Using it with straight water will cause it to clump up and taste like drinking a tree (as expected), so your best bet is to just chug it.
  • Only downside is the taste is very strong, so you need to mix in something other than water.

These reviews are not from Amazon but rather from different sources on the open web. Amazon user reviews are best read at the source and reviews for this product can be accessed from Amazon.com through this product link for Bulksupplements Pure Psyllium Husk Powder.


In Summary:

While most fiber supplements position themselves as regulators of digestive health, Bulksupplements Psyllium Husk powder seems to position themselves as a laxative. While that might be the initial effect that you might get, regular use will help to regulate your gut and provide an overall feeling of health.

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