For the kid in us that wants to buy a dietary fiber: Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit (Weight Management) Gummies, 180 gummies

So can you really eat gummy candy and get the needed fiber your body needs?

Let’s be honest. Not all of us like to shove gritty dietary fiber down our throats in the name of digestive health. We have all seen the cartoons about the future where we will have a single pill/tablet that will provide us a full meal or at least all the nutrients that we need. Well, Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Gummies is an example of that in the dietary fiber world. It is available in natural peach, strawberry, and berry flavors.

The Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Gummies is an excellent source of fiber and has even won the American Culinary Chefs Best Award. This is awarded to brands that have been highly rated overall by professional chefs. It has much more fiber than any other leading brands. It is sugar-free and contains only natural colors and flavors.

Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Gummies contain 6 essential B Vitamins that help in metabolizing fats, carbs as well as proteins into energy. These are Niacin (B-3), Vitamin B-6 and Folic Acid (B-9), Vitamin B-12 besides Biotin (B-7) as well as Pantothenic Acid (B-5).


What the manufacturer says:

More fiber than other leading brands.


Natural colors and flavors.

Not a reduced calorie food.




Clicking on this image will provide more details on this gummy goodness.

The numbers:

25 – Grams of fiber you need to take daily in order to support your digestive health
2 – These gummies contain less than 2% of beeswax
6 – The number of B Vitamins in Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Gummies
2 – Sizes that Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Gummies can be purchased in. (90 & 180)


What people are saying about Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Gummies:

  • Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit is a chewy gummy with a great fruit flavor and they are sugar-free
  • These gummies do not leave any aftertaste and I look forward to taking 2 a day
  • What a delicious and easy way to keep yourself on track when it comes to daily fiber intake

* These reviews are not from Amazon but rather from different sources on the open web. Amazon user reviews are best read at the source and reviews for this product can be accessed from through this product link for Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Gummies


In Summary:

Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Gummies is a great way to keep your dietary tract in check and feel like a kid doing it.

ALERT: It should be noted though that the gummies contain coconut so people allergic to nuts should be mindful if it could affect them. Also, while you might not normally think of this off the bat, Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Gummies are processed in a facility and makes use of products that contain egg, shellfish and/or soy.

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