They’ve swapped the psyllium fiber for oats: Thorne Research Medibulk Gluten Free Fiber 8.15 Ounces


Do you feel like the whole psyllium husk fiber trend is not for you? Well Thorne Research Medibulk fiber powder is one of the alternatives that uses oat fiber powder as an alternative to psyllium husk. The fact that it is gluten-free will also appeal to anybody who has celiacs disease or is trying to watch their gluten intake as a general rule. (It is all about being healthier overall isn’t it?)  This dietary fiber claims to help to maintain normal cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels in the body. Thorne research also recently brought out a new formula for its Medibulk fiber that enhances its solubility in water and causes significantly less clumping. I call that a win. Medibulk is very good for mixing with juices and smoothies given it has a mild taste and doesn’t alter the taste of food.


What the manufacturer says about Thorne Research Medibulk – Gluten-Free Fiber Powder:

Enhances production of the short-chain fatty acids that provide nutritional support to the cells of the large intestine
Helps maintain already normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels
Contains inulin – a good probiotic fiber source for support of healthy gut flora
Convenient powder for ease of mixing



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The numbers:

8 – the number of ounces of water to mix with a half scoop when starting to take Medibulk Fiber powder
35 – The number of calories in a scoop of the fiber powder
231 – the number of grams that the 8.15 ounce canister converts to
350 – the approximate number of products from Thorne Research


What people are saying about Thorne Research Medibulk – Gluten-Free Fiber Powder:

  • I wish it would come in a larger quantity so I wouldn’t have to reorder as often.
  • It works! cost is reasonable
  • It easily blends with liquids which makes it easy to take, each small scoop provides EIGHT grams of fiber, and it doesn’t taste foul!
  • May want to start with just half the dose at first, and is easier if taken at night

* These reviews are not from Amazon but rather from different sources on the open web. Amazon user reviews are best read at the source and reviews for this product can be accessed from through this product link for Thorne Research Medibulk – Gluten-Free Fiber Powder


In Summary:

I am especially impressed by the new formula that doesn’t clump up as much since I hate it when a dietary fiber barely touches your mouth before you have to start chewing on a jello-y substance. Has this new formula affected the fiber’s effectiveness in regulating your gut though? Maybe. There have been some users who report that it is less effective, although this seems isolated and sporadic. The container is small enough though that it might be worth the try to see if this is your preferred dietary fiber. And if it all comes crashing down with an unhappy gut keep searching for your preferred one in the store.

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